It only has taken a second and a minute virus that has changed the world and turned it upside-down. Who would have known that after the series of so many inventions, we have to fear not by any war or explosion but by a disease that is COVID-19. A pandemic that has taken the lives of many, has affected many and continuously changing the world order. But we cannot lose hope and we cannot put full stop to our work flow but yes this is the time to utilize the technology the most to keep ourselves safe and sound. When we talk about technology we have multiple options for it and choosing a reliable among them is hard very hard.  As far as technology is concerned we are here specifically targeting the internet. Well we are not trying to change anyone’s opinion over their choice but we are going to discuss some general features about it. Satellite internet with its advanced technology and global coverage option has set a unique name in the market.

What makes satellite internet a best choice in this pandemic situation?

Exede satellite internet takes all necessary initiative to become supportive in this pandemic situation by providing people more unlimited high speed satellite internet services and ideal bundle packages & plans to make their work easy like never before.

A great satellite provider always keeps all sides of the story in their plan. We work effortlessly to come up with such ideas that would be beneficial for customers and would be beneficial for the economy of the country so that whenever anything worse happens, we won’t let our customer work to face any disturbance. Less use of human resources directly results in affecting the country’s economy. So to make sure to keep up the work level always up to the mark satellite internet has all such features that make it an ideal choice in this pandemic.

1. Geographic Availability

The usual common cable internet and services like them are actually not that much bad but there are some points that lack in them to deliver their services in rural areas. The USA consists of a number of states that come up with all types of geographical location and climate challenges. This may lead to several providers to lack their availability in such terrestrial locations. But such is not a case with satellite internet. Satellite internet can be accessed anywhere in the U.S. whether it is an urban area or rural area. The coverage of satellite internet keeps you connected with signals even in harsh weather or while you are travelling it is mainly because of the high advanced technology upgrade. Somehow geographical availability helps satellite internet to take a lead on its nationwide availability or coverage.

2. Ease of Use

There used to be a time when manual instruction took a huge amount of hours to make you connected to satellite internet services. Unlike those days things have changed a lot. Satellite internet has become very easy to be deployed and get connected globally. It takes only a minute of some time to go through some process and then you can enjoy your work, live streaming, downloading and lots of other stuff in a blink of an eye. Satellite doesn’t even bind you to some specific device you can connect to any device like computer laptop tablet or mobile phone. It is as friendly as any other internet provider software.

3. Competitive Speeds

Who doesn’t like things to be done quickly? The range of internet speed provided by Viasat is an ideal option for any user in such a pandemic situation. We all know that we are currently working from home all of our daily life work whether it is your online classes or office work or your daily usage of the internet such competitive speed is required to access all of such work. No buffering issue and no limited data cap issue. You can even download music or stream videos with ease. Even in such case if you have to travel any other place you can easily stay connected during your journey to satellite internet service as it deployed its services easily anywhere.


 In order to keep people connected in such pandemic situations like the COVID-19 emergency, Viasat (formerly exede) has collaborated with other internet services to keep people of the USA connected and safe. Such internet with whom Viasat has collaborated with is the FCC in The Keep Americans Connected Pledge, which based on the following points:

As coronavirus is the current century pandemic, we like it or not but has make some impact on American society, keeping all of this in mind Viasat pledges for the next 60 days to:

  1. We make sure not to terminate service to any residential or small business setup because of their inability to pay their bills that is caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We know that daily wedge people and other money earning setup are being disturbed due to lockdown and by the fear of going out. This step is taken by keeping such scenarios in mind.
  2. Submission of any late fees by any residential customer or small business customers due to their economic circumstances occurring due to the coronavirus pandemic would be accepted and will be cooperated by Viasat customer service in this situation.
  3. We know in such a situation anyone can require internet access to stay connected or maybe they want to seek help in such an emergency so for some time we have lifted some restrictions over access and open its Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them.

The purpose of discussing all of the above points is to acknowledge why and how Viasat satellite internet provider would be useful in a pandemic situation. What would be better than keeping lives safe but still letting human resources utilized by best internet services at home.