We all know that satellite internet has set its name as the reputed solution for internet connectivity. By the time we have witnessed that the satellite internet technology continues to improve, it is mainly because of its increasing demand in the market. They have advanced their technology by launching more advanced systems such as orbiting satellites, overcoming shortcomings of satellite internet in rural areas, lower possibility of slow speeds and justified price as compared to the technology. It all bundles up to make the satellite internet as the best choice for people in the USA.

Previously we have witnessed that satellite internet has already carried out link connection with dial-up and some DSL services, but by the time they are emerging with technologies & ideas that could bring satellite internet to link connection with cable or fiber internet capabilities. This will be very useful because people can adjust with satellite internet with whatever device they find it is best for them.

One of the advantages that satellite internet has and no other internet services is that satellite internet is available virtually everywhere whereas cable internet couldn’t reach in most part of the U.S. specifically in such terrestrial areas where internet connections are not available. In older times satellite internet services used to be the last option but nowadays due to rapid growth of the digital market and instant online presence raise its demand. Satellite internet is quickly becoming an internet option as viable as DSL, cable or fiber and also keeps on improving it technology so that it can compete with the market competitor.

Is satellite internet a good option for residential and business use?

The clear answer if anyone wants that would be yes. Satellite internet without any doubt is a great option for residential and business purposes in rural or suburban areas because most of the area does not have access to fiber internet or a cable connection services. So in such case Satellite internet connection provides you unlimited availability, satellite internet also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and fast internet speed that would be enough for streaming services, such as Netflix, downloading, sharing and a lot more other stuff.

Benefits of satellite broadband internet services:

Satellite internet brings you multiple benefits but some of them are listed below.

  • You can easily get high speed satellite internet service anywhere
  • You can get an internet connection  without a phone line
  • Enjoy unlimited internet speeds plus much faster than dial-up, and faster than DSL.
  • Connect mobile devices via  home Wi-Fi


Viasat internet service (formerly Exede) and HughesNet are currently the only residential satellite internet providers available to the US. Both the providers provide their service all over the USA.
There are also other satellite services that come by the time and several new providers launching residential satellite internet service in 2020 and through early 2021 and they are Starlink, OneWeb, Project Kuiper, and possibly others.
In the beginning, there were more satellite options available but only one name keeping up with advancing satellite technology and created itself as a tough competitor in the market that is Viasat. It requires an extreme effort to build up a name and a reputation in the market and Viasat formerly exede has done that brilliantly.

So, why should anyone get Viasat?

We cannot discuss in detail why anyone should get Viasat but we can discuss some of its features that can explain and can give a rough idea to any new user why they should use Viasat. Here is a quick look over some main points of Visat.

High speed satellite internet Speed

The biggest reason to get Viasat Internet is the speed. Viasat offers unlimited speeds and fast satellite internet connection in many areas, which is four times faster than any other internet provider connection speed. Internet speed is that much that it will let you do your all normal internet stuff like stream movies in HD quality or have several people use your connection at once, instant sharing or downloading and a lot more.

Free Installation services

Viasat offers free installation which is actually quite beneficial because people in some areas where life is still old school are not able to understand things as clearly as people in urban areas, somehow free installation is money saving and helping feature for them by Viasat. To become a leading satellite provider you need to design such policy that covers people of all ages and types.

Lots of choices on different plan and packages

Viasat offers a  variety of Viasat plans   with different speeds, pricing, and data caps. The idea of putting variation in plans and packages is to make it easier for people to choose what they find for their work purpose is beneficial. Usually for residential use you don’t require that much amount for the internet you most probably require for basic use like live streaming downloading gaming etc. but when it comes to the business use we definitely need internet access on a vast level so packages and plans become very beneficial.

Best services at low cost

The amount of services and options Viasat provides it is impossible to get such services by any other provider. So when it comes to the pricing Viasat is the best choice.

Satellite internet is the future of upcoming generation

The functioning of Satellite internet is of next level. It uses a satellite in space, a satellite dish at your home, and the provider’s Network Operation Center (NOC) to provide you with internet services. That’s why it becomes easy for satellite internet to not only deliver in urban areas but also easily deliver in rural areas and that makes them take a lead on global coverage. This all becomes possible by advancement in technology. So we can say Thanks to its  satellite internet advanced technology, satellite internet offers high-speeds services across the globe.

Satellites can send and receive signals through “spot beams” that cover most of the US Location. As satellite internet best quality is that it doesn’t bound you to a restricted area so you can easily connect to internet services for your work easily.

There is one choice for satellite internet that has set its name as the  leading Viasat (formerly Exede). Setting up the satellite system is totally up to you. Either can set you up with a small satellite dish pointed toward its satellite in the southern sky and or you can go through a proper study of satellite installation for home and business because it depends on  the mode of location and nature of work.

Data transfers from your home or business location internet devices to the satellite in space and then from there to the NOC back on Earth and back to the station. All of this happens in a mini second.

Will satellites make high-speed internet available worldwide?

Well in most of the case yes it is possible but there could be some conditions during bad weather. Satellite internet is far more capable than cable or fiber of reaching remote locations and that’s the most important point to remember. With thousands of satellites orbiting the globe, rural areas and developing countries it is easier to have connection worldwide.

Satellite internet advancements are an ideal initiative not only for  rural or urban areas but for remote areas   where only little access to internet services are available, but for internet subscribers everywhere it is most comforting that they can access over the internet anywhere they want it.

So if you have a satellite internet service that can deliver faster speeds at lower prices, then what could be more appealing than it as compared to other internet options? But yes there always would be a competitor who will come with some better option.

So after so much about VIASAT thinking about satellite internet for your home?

We have deeply discussed how satellite internet is useful and more beneficial than other options available in the market so if something is good and delivering more quality services at an affordable price so why not give it a try.